A Satellite dish or UK IPTV (no dish) system?

Which one is the right choice?

The Satellite remains unbeatable value for HD UK TV  reception in the North of France.  A  small minidish will get you all freesat channels, most of them in true 1080 HD. However if you reside in apartment building with no possibility to install a satellite antenna and even the hidden Flatmagic antenna cannot be installed then your last remaining choice is the IPTV receiver or web streaming.  To find out  if your internet conexion is eligible for UK IPTV contact us here por mesure yourself your download speed at speedtest.net If you reach at least 3 Mb/sec you are eligible for free UK IPTV on your HD TV screen.  Here is how an IPTV receiver is connected, typically by ethernet cable but WiFi or LivePlugs are also a solution.

iptv connexion schema

The IPTV box features built-in WiFi, 50 UK TV channels, 126 UK radio stations including BBC Radio 1 to 5, Dolby Digital optical OUT and many other functions.

uk iptv
UK IPTV non subscription receiver


Can I use a french TV

  • Yes.  Any TV purchased in France will work for the UK channels


Do I have to pay to watch?

  • No, there are no monthly fees. Reception is free and will remain free. A one off payment of EUR 280 gives you the most important UK TV channels on your HD TV screen.