NO  MONTHLY  FEES,  no  subscription  cost

What we offer is FREE UK TV on your HD TV screen

THE MOST ADAPTED   reception for the UK freeview TV channels in Germany is through a Broadband HD receiver. There are no monthly fees to pay and there is no dish to install. You will receive 55 UK TV channels such as the BBCs, ITV etc.
Another solution exists for the western part of Germany left of the vertical line Dortmund, Francfurt, Stuttgart - you can also choose satellite reception with a dish size of 80 cm to 1 meter. However if you have internet at home with reasonable debit maybe the most quick and neat reception solution is the Broadband UK HD receiver shown here.

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What is the difference between FREESAT  and  BROADBAND?

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Freesat is the name of a UK satellite service and  means No cards, no monthly fees, ideal for the western parts of Germany where the satellite signal is received. Freesat is 140 free-to-air TV channels while for  Sky TV (UK Version) you have to pay a subscription. For viewers in the western par of Germany the dish size will be 80 cm close to the french border and 100 cm or more further in to Stuttgard for example, Signal strenght drops very quickly further to the East and the Broadband receiver is recommended instead of mounting an exspencive and big dish.

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