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What we offer is FREE UK TV on your HD TV screen

There are two technical solutions to get  UK TV in your french home - Satellite or IPTV.  A total of 140 UK TV channels are available for FREE via a satellite dish and if this is not enough a sky subscription will add even more choice. You don't want or you can't have a dish? Your  next choice is the no dish IPTV  solution working anywhere in France and around the World as long as you have decent internet.

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What is the difference between FREESAT, SKY and IPTV?

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Freesat means No cards, no monthly fees, ideal for the holiday home in France. Sky TV you have to pay for. For viewers in the North of France satellite reception remains the best way to get the 140 FREE UK channels as dish size is small ( 50 cm only ), while viewers in the South of France  normally choose the IPTV receiver to avoid installing a big size costly satellite dish ( Normally 125 cm near  the Spanish border for stable reception). To understand better the differencies between the two systems and decide which one is the right for you choice simply ask for our DOCUMENTATION HERE which includes prices of material, channel lists, installation and other details & costs.

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